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Encore™ Series Insulated Steel Garage Door

The Encore Series steel garage doors are elegantly crafted, keeping the homeowner's preferences at the forefront. These doors boast robustness, longevity, and provide thermal advantages. Available in an extensive range of design choices, they are competitively priced to offer both style and functionality.

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Encore™ EN20

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The Raynor Encore steel residential garage door, with its two-sided design, offers a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Its 2-inch thick panels are constructed with a polystyrene insulation core, sandwiched between two robust steel exteriors, providing a thermally efficient solution.


  • Insulated sandwich door

  • Polystyrene insulation

  • 3-Layer (Steel – Insulation – Steel)

Encore™ EN200 Steel Residential Garage Door

Aesthetic Appeal & Functionality


The Raynor Encore steel residential garage door, with its dual-sided design, masterfully combines elegance and utility. Featuring a 2-inch thick layer of polystyrene insulation, this door is available in multiple styles and hues, including the chic shaker panel, along with four unique colors specific to this model.


Its diverse range, coupled with a gunite surface texture, embossed panels, and thermal advantages, provides homeowners with an ideal door solution that not only elevates their home's appearance but also comes at an affordable price.

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