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Aspen™ Series Steel Residential Garage Doors

The Raynor Aspen™ Series steel residential garage doors epitomize the pinnacle of protection, craftsmanship, and thermal efficiency in a three-layer steel construction. This series is distinguished by Raynor's exclusive WeatherLock™ section joint, which ensures formidable durability, an effective weather seal at the section joint, and a thermal break that effectively insulates against extreme temperatures.

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Aspen™ AP200LV LuxeVue

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The AP200LV LuxeVue merges the full range of aesthetic choices from our Aspen Series with a significantly larger, oversized top window section. This design results in a visually appealing door that greatly enhances curb appeal and allows 20% more natural light into your garage, creating a beautifully illuminated space.


  • Insulated sandwich door

  • “Foamed-in-Place” NeuFoam™ insulation

  • 3-Layer (Steel – Insulation – Steel)

  • Dramatically larger window options

Aspen™ AP200LV LuxeVue Steel Residential Garage Door

Stunning Scenery, Sophisticated Design


The Raynor Aspen AP200LV LuxeVue steel residential garage door features a 24-inch top section, designed to display our exquisite range of extra-large, premium windows.


Its outstanding craftsmanship, combined with a diverse array of panel styles, makes the Raynor LuxeVue an ideal selection for a refined and upscale garage appearance.


Elevate your home's aesthetic appeal with the distinctive elegance of a Raynor LuxeVue garage door.

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