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Advantage Series™ Steel Pan Garage Doors

The Raynor Advantage Series presents residential steel pan garage doors that provide homeowners, builders, and contractors with a superior quality pan door. This series comes with a broad selection of options and designs, catering to a variety of preferences and styles.

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Raynor's TradeMark pan garage doors offer robust 24-gauge steel construction, distinct panel design, and genuine woodgrain texture, delivering a classic appearance to your home at an economical cost. Homeowners also have the option to select this door with or without insulation, depending on their specific needs.

  • Optional expanded polystyrene insulation

  • 24-Gauge galvanized steel

  • 2” section thickness

TradeMark™ Steel Pan Residential Garage Doors

Timeless Elegance, Robust Durability


Raynor’s TradeMark steel pan garage doors enhance your home's exterior with their sturdy 24-gauge steel, pronounced raised panel design, and genuine woodgrain texture.

Elevate your home's charm with either colonial or ranch panels, or opt for the carriage house style for a unique and distinguished appearance.

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