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Residential Garage Door Openers

Raynor's comprehensive range of residential garage door openers provides an extensive array of options in performance, features, and longevity. Each model is equipped with top-tier safety and security features, available in various horsepower levels and drive systems, including wall-mounted jackshaft operators and battery backup systems.


The integration of myQ™ technology allows for secure monitoring and control of your garage door opener via smartphone, tablet, or computer. In compliance with California law effective July 1, 2019, all automatic garage door openers sold in California are required to include a battery backup.

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Sentinel™ III

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DC Motor, Built-in LED & Camera, Belt Drive, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Enabled

Effortlessly control, secure, and monitor your garage while easily managing and sharing access to your home, all without the need for passcodes or keys.

Sentinel™ III Residential Garage Door Opener

The Raynor Sentinel III is a Complete Package!

The Raynor Ultra II with WiFi for homes merges a 3/4 HP motor with a sturdy I-beam rail and chassis support, enhancing both strength and dependable functionality.


It features a dual-drive sprocket that enables the adjustment of the opener's speed, fine-tuning the performance of both the door and the opener.

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