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Residential Garage Door Openers

Raynor's comprehensive range of residential garage door openers provides an extensive array of options in performance, features, and longevity. Each model is equipped with top-tier safety and security features, available in various horsepower levels and drive systems, including wall-mounted jackshaft operators and battery backup systems.


The integration of myQ™ technology allows for secure monitoring and control of your garage door opener via smartphone, tablet, or computer. In compliance with California law effective July 1, 2019, all automatic garage door openers sold in California are required to include a battery backup.

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Prodigy III

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The Raynor Prodigy III stands out as an exceptionally quiet, space-efficient, wall-mounted jackshaft garage door opener, offering the ultimate solution in garage access.

Prodigy™ III Residential Garage Door Opener

Premium Series DC Battery Backup Wall Mount Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

The Raynor Prodigy III stands as the pinnacle of garage access solutions, expertly designed for space efficiency and robust functionality. This advanced wall-mount door opener revolutionizes the use of garage ceiling space, offering new possibilities for your garage's layout.


Equipped with essential features such as built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for easy garage connectivity and control via smartphone, myQ® Remote LED light, Integrated Battery Backup, and the Automatic Garage Door Lock, it sets a new standard in convenience and security. As an integral part of the Raynor SecureLoc™ system, when used in conjunction with a Raynor residential garage door, the Prodigy III ensures a fortified garage, safeguarding against intrusions and providing a sense of security and peace of mind.

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